Quality Policy

Lifeguarding Services Australia aims to create and engender a culture that values responsible attitudes to maintaining quality systems of work.  The fundamental components of the Quality Management Policy are supported by a range of strategies to monitor, review and continuously improve LSA’s work through a range of quality systems and audits. This policy aims to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of this system.

 Lifeguarding Services integrate a responsible commitment to maintaining quality systems of work into daily the integrated management system through continuous improvement by having range of quality systems of work including:

Quality Work Instructions            A set of instructions for Lifeguards and support staff to perform their duties with a focus on being safe and delivering the best service possible.

 Quality Forms                                   A register of forms is to be maintained to ensure quality through continual review. Quality forms are to be controlled through a system of document registers.

 Corporate Policies                           The set of policies have been evaluated against legislation, ISO and global standards in line with LSA’s overall goal, aims and mission.

 Lifeguarding Services Australia aims to have in place a Quality Management framework consistent with ISO 9001:2015 in accordance with Commonwealth, State and any other relevant legislation.

 Our commitment is to provide a range of services that maintain quality and quality control over our products and services through conducting a range of reviews and audits including client feedback.