Environmental Management Policy

Lifeguarding Services Australia aims to create and engender a culture that values responsible attitudes to manage and to minimise our environmental impact.  The fundamental components of the Environmental Management Policy are supported by a range of strategies to decrease LSA’s impact and footprint, with the goal of having zero negative impact to the environment.

We aim to minimise our carbon footprint through conducting annual carbon calculations and putting in place a system of carbon off setting through the planting of trees, utilisation of carbon offsetting such as credits. Management will monitor, measure, and evaluate our environmental impact from all activities and performance, to ensure these are not only effective but are also continually improved.

Lifeguarding Services Australia aims to have in place an Environmental Management framework consistent with ISO 14001:2015 in accordance with Commonwealth, State and any other relevant legislation.

Our commitment is to identify and control our impact on the environment from our products and/or services, ensure we continually monitor our environmental impact and implement a systematic approach to setting environmental targets and achieving these targets.