Plant and equipment


Lifeguarding Services Australia is committed to continuous improvement of not only our front line services but also our plant and equipment. This commitment to plant and equipment helps us to improve our response capabilities.


Lifeguarding Services Australia has a range of vehicles including two and four wheel drive vehicles, Water Rescue Craft, Rescue Boats and custom trailers for logistics, emergency response, community education and welfare. All patrol vehicles carry a standardized assortment of equipment including, a rescue paddleboard, “Big Red” jump bag with basic first aid equipment including oxygen, an automated external defibrillator for cardiac arrest, rescue buoys, and other supplies.


Lifeguard General Purpose Vehicle (Category 1)

The four-wheel-drive patrol vehicle allows lifeguards to be at the water’s edge for long periods. The Category 1 is utilised in locations were 4 wheel drive operations on the sand are essential in not only providing the public with a contact point but allow for quick response times along large coastal areas.


Lifeguard General Purpose Vehicle (Category 2)

The Category 2 is a 4 wheel drive vehicle with increased storage capability. This allows the lifeguards the ability to “drive on” and then “drive off” the sand with no need for permanent infrastructure and storage facilities. These vehicles are usually used in remote locations to ensure lifeguards have available all the resources they would normally have in a highly populated area.



Lifeguard Logistics Vehicles

The Lifeguard Logistics Vehicles are 4 x 4 Utilities used to tow and carry equipment in a support operations role. The Vehicles are equipment with Ocean and pool rescue equipment and are the work horse’s behind the service.



Lifeguard Supervisor Vehicles

Lifeguarding Supervisor and Managers operate a range of SUV vehicles, these 4×4 wheel drive vehicles give the supervisory team the ability to respond quickly to situations that occur throughout their local government area. Some of the supervisor vehicles are also equipped with specialist and underwater rescue equipment and in the winter are outfitted with river rescue equipment.


All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Equipment2

The four-wheel-drive capability of the quad allows quick response to incidents across the softest of sand. With good manoeuvrability and all-round visibility, it can be used on the busiest of beaches. In emergency situations they are used to set up a remote lifeguard station until assistance arrives. Each ATV comes equipt  with warning indicators, PA system, trauma kit and water rescue equipment.